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From: Peter Phillips

If you are anything like me, you have a hard drive full of long-forgotten e-books and e-courses that seemed to be great at the time, but now you don't even know what you've got any more.  Would you believe I have even bought books and courses that I already had? I was a giveaway junkie, signing up for all the hundred product fire sales and buying those MRR sites, you know the ones, those where you had to change all the details in pink to your own details. Well I've got nearly 500 gigabytes of them and spent a lot of money buying them.

  And you know the worst thing? - I've never made any money from any of them!

Well, I've now found the solution - a solution whereby I'll never have to buy another $47 money-making e-book or $497 e-course again.

I now have access to everything I could possibly need, all in one amazing book.

Introducing: the ultimate guide to making some serious cash!

make money online



  This book contains every method of making money online and offline, brought to you by the members of the Warrior Forum, the venue where the top internet marketers gather to discuss everything to do with internet marketing These guys know what they are talking about, and have implemented the strategies contained in this book themselves. Every proven conceivable way of making money is covered in these posts”


Just look at some of the Chapter Headings:






Ø  How to get at least 2,000 hits per day in a matter of minutes


Ø  The strategy behind Amazon Affiliate Marketing– once you learn this, there'll be no stopping you!


Ø  An easy $300 offline profit.


Ø  A quick $2000 by the weekend


Ø  How to make JV partners notice you


Ø  How I took a group of beginners to $100 a day in 20 days


Ø  How to make money online (without any money)


Ø  How to get the #1 position across all search engines


Ø  My simple $2000 a month IM plan


Ø  A dead simple way to make cash


Ø  $1,500 in 48 hours – how did they do it?


Ø  The rent a site model


Ø  Offline - just do it!


Ø  The #1 reason people don’t make money online


Ø  The advantages of PLR (with a twist)


  and many more........................


Remember the vast majority of these posts are no longer available.  A lot of them have come from my personal collection, and I've spent over four months researching and compiling this unique content for you. I've got permission from each and every poster to reprint their posts, and in some cases they have updated their original post to make it relevant to today.



This isn't some poxy 17 page e-book - it's a substantial volume of work, with over 220 A4 pages, and

well over 60 chapters. Each chapter could have been made into an e-book and sold in its own right.


And don't think that you could just go and look up these posts yourself - you can't because the vast majority are no longer on the forum - some have been deleted. Besides, to get the results of this book took me over four months of research, selection and editing to get it right.


Also, remember these aren't just claims made by some hyped up super guru - they are claims of real achievements made by ordinary guys and girls just like you and me.


In effect this is the ultimate handbook of money making opportunities, a book to print out, put in a binder, and refer to until

it's so dog eared and well thumbed you'll have to print out another copy.


Would you like to see a sample chapter, chosen at random? Go to:


Wow! Yes, the acronym is apt! I'm very impressed with the eBook, and
it's certainly, as far as I know, a unique concept. I had to tear myself
away from it!

Ian Traynor

This sounds like a very exciting project. I've wanted to do this for a while as I'm sure many other Warriors have too, it's great to see one of us eventually do it! It's been a long time coming - I will gladly tell my list about this. I so rarely promote content I did not create (a couple of times every few years if at all) that they would definitely sit up and take notice.

Kunle Olomofe

Much like you often read in the main forum about the "War Room" being a must read, I'd call the" Wisdom of the Warriors" a must read as well.

Peter has done a great job of assembling the best of the best. You will indeed find a wealth of marketing wisdom in over 60 articles covering over 200 pages. It would take you weeks to find these articles on your own, if you even could find them all.

At the current price, this is about as much of a no-brainer as it gets. If you want to shorten your internet marketing learning curve, then dive into this deep pool of experience. You can't go wrong.

Dennis Gaskill

Please let me know if I can help you in any way with the promotion


With the amount of knowledge accessible inside this forum now combined with the experiential wisdom of all those highly respected warriors whose work you've included,
You've just provided a valuable service by finally making these golden nuggets of internet marketing wisdom available to the warriors.
One of the many parts I find cool personally are the discussions from back at the old forum which aren't available anywhere else anymore.If you've been sensing here's all the answers you need for your current internet marketing situation but just want to have it all in one place, available at your fingertips, I encourage you to pick up Peter's "Wisdom of the Warriors".
If you missed out for some reason, do you know the fortune you could be denying yourself?
Kudos to Peter for all the hard work assembling, adding his own insights and publishing it to make these otherwise lost treasures available today!

Like the others said, you can't go wrong when you pick up your copy now!

Doug Barger

I’ve been a member of the online Warrior Forum for some time now. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the #1 Internet Marketing Forum,
it’s a place where people who know a thing or two about marketing, (like Wille Crawford and Dr. Mani - and they are both in this book!) gather to share information, observations, ask for advice and gripe a little about their efforts with online marketing. Over the years I’ve gotten some nice bits of information from that site, but I’m not one to sit and scroll through all the posts. Anyone who has an online business knows that time is money.

When I found out that Peter Phillips (aka peteract on the forum) had compiled an ebook stuffed full of all the best posts on internet marketing,
I was excited to read it! Let me tell you, if you have an online business or are thinking of starting one up, you NEED this book!
I stumbled and groped my way in the darkness for a long, long time with my own websites, but you don’t have to. In "Wisdom of the Warriors" you’ll learn how to:

* Get 2,000 hits per day in a matter of minutes
* Make a quick 2k by the weekend
* Learn the #1 reason most people don’t make money online
* Affiliate marketing
* Offline marketing
* Search engine optimizing

And much, much more! This ebook is the best of the best, and is filled with over 200 pages of Warrior Wisdom.

Do you have an online business? Then you better have this book!

Kelly Wallace



But of course you won't be getting just the book, because I know you want more,


So I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse!


  Just look at this bonus package:


Fast Action Bonus #1

Act now, and you'll also get Private Label Rights to my unpublished e-book "Easy e-Book Creation" including the original MS Word, the graphics and the psd source files. You can change this product into whatever you like and call it your own!

money-making opportunities

Fast Action Bonus #2

Now you've got the above PLR, you'll need to know what to do with them. With PLR Cash Machine, you'll get 12 professional videos which will show you all you  have to know about PLR!  Video titles include:

PLR explained,

Making money with PLR,

Where to find PLR, How to rewrite PLR, and many others

- this video package is worth $47 on its own - you get it for free!

Fast Action Bonus #3

Act now, and you'll also get PLR to my e-book Traffic Tsunami, again in MS-Word format so you can change it however you like. Plus of course you can pick up traffic tips for yourself by reading it.

make money online

Fast Action Bonus #4

What's the buzz in IM and everywhere else? - Video, of course!

Here's a 10 part course in how to use video marketing properly.

Chapters include:
1. How to use video marketing in your business
2. How to create your video
3. How to use Camtasia
4. Outsourcing your video production
5. Tagging and tracking your video
    and others





Fast Action Bonus #5

Marketing Secrets Unlocked!

Those who are ‘in the know’ use tricks of the trade that become second nature. You may think you know what these trade secrets are, and maybe you do – in theory – but putting them into practice is a different matter. It’s like the difference between learning to speak French at school and living in Paris for five years..

In this book, Ian Traynor will hand you the keys to open the secrets of successful Internet Marketing.




Fast Action Bonus #6

Another power packed video package!

Here's another video pack for you - a set of 11 training videos showing you step by step how to build up to a $100 a day income level. This may not sound much, but once you've got to that level, you're well on your way, so why stop there?

Fast Action Bonus #7

Yet more Private Label Rights to one of my unpublished e-books "Web Site Diagnosis" including the original MS Word, these graphics and the psd source files. The book gives a checkup list of essentials every website should have but which are often forgotten about. You can change this product however you like, call it your own and sell it. Great to sell to newbies!

money-making opportunities

Fast Action Bonus #8

Step by step traffic generation videos !

money-making opportunities

Most people fail at driving consistent traffic because they do not follow simple repetitive procedures. This 2 part video course will teach you these procedures - step by step. Includes a PDF transcript so you won't miss anything.

Fast Action Bonus #9

Fast Traffic Volume 1

money-making opportunities

How to Get Targeted Traffic vs Non-Targeted Traffic
Important Principles and Tips on Getting Traffic
What You Must Know About Traffic Building as a Webmaster

Fast Action Bonus #10

Fast Traffic Volume 2

money-making opportunities

Affiliate program tactics
Pay-per-click tactics
and more..............

Sign up for early notification of Volume 2 plus upgrades

Volume 2 of "Wisdom of the Warriors" is already in production. By signing up below, I'll give you advance notification of when it becomes available. You'll also get notification of when Volume 1 will become available on Amazon, so you can get the information in a hard cover physical book. As an existing customer, you will of course get a substantial discount. Just send an email to with the subject: "Please keep me posted"




I Need This Package Now!


I am tired of always spending money on ebooks and IM courses, and I want a book which gives me everything I need in one package.  I am ready for:


The Wisdom of the Warriors - the greatest IM book of all time!


  • Proven techniques that have been successful.
  • Simple, easy to use techniques that YOU can use.
  • Common sense action plans to guarantee YOUR success.


All seven fast action bonuses:

The complete package:

220 page book "Wisdom of the Warriors"
(I'm currently selling this on its own for $47 elsewhere)

PLR to my unpublished ebook "Easy Product Creation" - Value $37

A suite of 12 professional videos on PLR - Value $67

PLR to my unpublished ebook "Traffic Tsunami"- Value $37

10 part video training course - Value $47

Marketing Secrets Unlocked! - Value $27

A suite of 9 professional training videos - Value $67

PLR to my unpublished ebook "Website Diagnosis"- Value $37

Fast traffic Volume 1: 3 eBooks of traffic tips

Fast traffic Volume 2: 7 eBooks of traffic tips

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all this for only


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I'll attend to it personally - Peter Phillips


make money online30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


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Start learning how you can change what you've always done and get what you've never got!.  You have up to one month, and if you aren’t satisfied with your results, it won’t cost you a penny.


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   To YOUR Success,

   Peter Phillips

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